Beth Darling

Educational Class- E&A May 11 2022

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7p Great First Dates Class presentation

About Beth

Beth Liebling spent years working as a board-certified divorce attorney before her own divorce—after twenty-two years of marriage—led her to start thinking about relationships differently.

"How can couples revive their marriage instead of end it? How can they keep laughing with each other instead of growing apart? And how much of it has to do with sex?"

Her answers to these questions led her to open Darling Way, a sexy luxury boutique in the historic Houston Heights where she's been helping people discover sensuality and its central role in love and relationships, and she's also been sharing what she's learned on radio, as host of "Love & Laughter with Beth" on ESPN Houston.

Now you too can share in Beth's secrets about relationships and happiness, and learn how to have more sexy, meaningful fun in your relationships and in your life.

Beth is a mother of five, a grandmother of one, and, most of all, a romantic who believes in passionate love forever—and wants to help everyone to create it.