Success Stories


"Originally, I thought that I would be a silent participant, like a fly on the wall, because of my own sexual inhibitions. So, I was initially reluctant to speak at our first meeting, but, I saw that I was not alone—all of us had our own inhibitions, so, midway through the first session, I found myself actively participating in the discussions and sharing things that I had never said out loud. Beth introduced a new topic at each session, and I was amazed at how comfortable I became with the topics and discussions. Since the class, I have become much more comfortable with my own sexuality and the art of seduction"


"One of my best friends introduced me to Beth by taking me to one of her workshops. I couldn’t be happier to have met Beth. She helped me get through an unhealthy “relationship” that was consuming my energy with her total truth advice and telling me not what I wanted to hear but the TRUTH that I needed to hear. I’m a huge fan of her workshops and always learn so much from them. I’ve also done personal coaching with her and she helped me realize my full potential and get what I deserve and am worth both in my personal and dating life. Overall, Beth is a kind, intelligent, and caring individual. She really cares and that exudes in everything she does. I am very grateful I met her and am sure she can help anyone who comes her way"

Keith D.

"Beth’s workshops have been instrumental in the love life of my marriage. She has helped us open up verbally and emotionally as well as sexually, and has been a joy to speak with in and out of the workshops. The amount of thought and care that she puts into her sessions, in addition Darling Way, are indicative of the passion that she has for relationships and trying to help couples love each other."

Heather B.

"Beth’s classes opened my mind to what each human deserves: love of self, happiness with your special someone and to LAUGH and have FUN! Since being a part of the class, I have improved my “sexy”, and have enjoyed pleasuring myself and my hubby in ways I would have never known or tried without the knowledge gained through this class. I decided to take Beth’s class because I wanted to enrich my love of self to include my sex life. I truly wanted to fully understand the pleasure of exploring all aspects of my body and his. It was wonderful learning the joys of toys and what they are for and even a few do’s and don’ts for some (Wink). I was surprised and relieved to see others working on themselves as I am. Beth has a way of uncovering your most insecure notions and melting them as she speaks with THE truth in love and understanding. If you are curious, if you are hungry to be footloose and fancy free in the bedroom and in life, join the group and be transformed for the better!! Spice it up, be wild and Be free!!! All my love to this amazing, transparent, loving teacher and mentor, Beth!"

Mike S.

"What a weekend! Sexy is alive and well in our household. Friday night was magical, and my wife responded so well. It carried throughout the weekend. I get shivers just thinking about it. Beth, thank you so much for your help in our lives. You are a blessing."

  • Hilary Hughes

    "As a boudoir photographer in Ireland, I identify with Beth’s mission to educate people to love themselves. She is a breath of fresh air—I love her energy, and I could listen to her talk all day."

  • Mark E.

    "My wife and I learned more with Beth in one month than in 12 years of therapy."

  • Joelle

    "I love how transparent and honest beth is about sex. The way she talks about it is loving and fun"