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The 5 Kinds of Intimacy: How to Keep Your Love Alive

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Hi, I'm Beth!

I’m honest, funny, and polite, but I push the boundaries. Just when you think you know what I’m going to say next, I surprise you with something else. I want people to step outside of their comfort zones and start talking about topics that they want to talk about but don’t know how. I want to equip people with the language and confidence to voice their desires.

A passionate marriage takes more than just love. It requires intimacy. More specifically, it requires 5 Kinds of Intimacy.

To achieve the love we dream of, we must use our hearts and our bodies to express love and create intimacy. When we build confidence, trust, open communication, and respect, we foster greater intimacy. This is key since it's intimacy that gives love substance and keeps it alive.

It takes two people who truly understand what their needs are and aren’t afraid to tell each other.

I help those conversations happen. Whether I’m coaching a couple, leading a workshop, hosting my podcast, or just talking to you around town, my goal is always the same: to help you feel confident and comfortable in your love life.

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What Is A Sex Coach?

“Everything in the world is about sex…” Oscar Wilde

Which is why, as a sex coach, I help people deal with any and all issues that affect their relationship including intimacy and sex. 

I work with couples and individuals to address problems such as growing distance between them, lack of intimacy, sexless marriages, low/different libidos, revitalizing their relationship after kids, health issues or other major life changes, and even overcoming sexual trauma. 

With my help, you’ll learn to identify the roadblocks preventing you from creating the love you desire and dream of and then I’ll provide you with the practical knowledge and tools you’ll need to overcome them. In short, we’ll create a roadmap for the meaningful, fulfilling and joyful sexy love life you want.  With my help, you’ll become a more confident, wholehearted lover, partner and person - which will up-level your relationship. (Current or future)

Private Coaching

Sexy fun love isn't superficial.

It's deep.

It's meaningful.

It's rewarding and fulfilling.

That's why, whether you work with me as an individual, or couple, you'll have the chance to discover who you really are, what you need, what you want, how to heal the wounds you've carried, and how to open your heart, mind and body in ways that you've probably never imagined possible.

If you think that my coaching clients are simply sex starved people -you'd be completely wrong.

My clients are smart, successful and even spiritual people who are determined to be as confident in love as they are at work.

Is that you?

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Come With Us Podcast

You never know what’s coming when I, start talking with Aaron (a conservative, 30ish, married man) and Tina (an outspoken millennial single woman) about sex and love. But you always know it’s going to be surprising, entertaining and even eye-opening. Come With Us if you’re down to be real and get naughty! ;-)

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