The 5 Kinds of Intimacy

Ready to Rock Your World?

The 5 Kinds of Intimacy: How to Keep Your Love Alive is a no-bullsh*t, pragmatic and practical approach to creating happy, satisfying relationships. It's an engaging read because it's a unique blend of lawyer-like precision, romantic enthusiasm, and personal stories.

This book is for you if you (or your partner)...

  • Are always looking for ways to make your relationship better
  • Love your partner but don’t feel as “close” or connected as you’d like
  • Would enjoy more passion, romance, or excitement in your (current or future) relationship
  • Avoid hugging, touching, or kissing so the other doesn't think about sex 
  • Aren't genuinely excited for date night 

 If you’re ready to add more substance to your love, The 5 Kinds of Intimacy will teach you how. Easy peasy.

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What People Are Saying

“It’s a must read for anyone who wants to stay in love.”  ~Michael B. 

"I love it so much! I love how you expanded on the 5 love languages…Brilliant."   ~ Kathi P.

"I finished your book and wow!  Just wow!!  It really was incredible." ~Lisa C 

As a psychotherapist (Licensed Professional Counselor & Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) for over 20 years, I found Beth's description of the 5 levels of intimacy very on point. I agree with her findings that all 5 types of intimacy play a vital role in maintaining a healthy relationship (within ourselves and others). I appreciate her description of each type, including the science behind it, and her suggestions and helpful tips as to how to go about adding or increasing each type within the relationship. Beth has clearly done her homework on this subject matter and this will be a resource I will confidently recommend to my clients. ~ Linda D., LPC & LMFT

Why Did I Write This Book?

As a divorce lawyer, I spent years dealing with the devastation caused by good relationships gone bad, all because people didn't know how to keep their love alive.

It tore my heart apart such that I quit law and started helping people stay together. Happily.

I'm a child of divorce, and I've been divorced myself. I know that it's a necessary evil for bad relationships, but I also know that good relationships can and should be saved.

Maintaining a long-term, happy, healthy marriage isn't a matter of chance. Or of love alone. It's a matter of intimacy.

It took me years to unlock the keys to successful loving relationships, years to prove to myself and my clients that they work, and finally, I'm confident enough to share what I've learned with you and the rest of the world.

It's not as complicated as rocket science, but it is enough to rock your world. And change the way you see every single relationship in your life. (I know this because that's what it's done to my life.)

But really, what it all boils down to is this:

I wrote this book because I want to live in a world full of happy people. And love+intimacy makes people happy.