My Story

I had a vision of what love and beauty might look like together when treated respectfully and honorably for many, many years.

After 15 years as a divorce lawyer, I wanted to make a different impact. Rather than trying to make the journey of separation an amicable one, I wanted to help couples stay together. I wanted to see love not only survive, but thrive.

To make my vision a reality, I founded Darling Way, a Houston boutique dedicated to making passionate connections in relationships. I am also an author of the national best seller Love and Laughter: Sexy (Meaningful) Fun for Everyone, a radio host, speaker, couples coach and marriage coach, and overall advocate of healthy and exciting love.

I am a relationship and sex coach who simply wants to make the world a happier – and more satisfied – place.

Why I Care

I am a hopeless optimist and romantic. I believe that happily ever is possible. I want to live in a world that is full of people who wake up smiling each day.

I spent too many years helping clients end relationships when I was a divorce lawyer. When my own marriage of over 20 years ended, I realized how ridiculous it was that I – the optimistic and romantic woman – should be focusing on the END. I wanted to help couples STAY TOGETHER and keep their love alive.

I want you to never have to think about marriage counselling, affairs, separation, or divorce. I want you to not just be happy in your marriage or partnership, I want you to be intimate with each other and find joy in the love you have.

I want you to have the things that my old clients and I lost and couldn’t get back. That’s why I care so much about your relationship.

  • We all deserve to be in a relationship that brings us joy and passion.

    Living together is a domestic partnership, but that doesn’t mean it should be all about paying the mortgage and raising the kids. It should be a celebration of love each and every day. When we know and respect each other emotionally and physically, we can build a marriage that rocks the house, not just pays for it!

  • To truly love your partner you have to love yourself first.

    To be able to love another, we first have to love ourselves. Why? Because if we don’t love ourselves, how can we expect someone else to? Simple acts of self love can help to boost confidence, self-respect, and desire.

  • Sex shouldn't be an off-limits topic. We need to talk about it.

    None of us would be here if it weren’t for sex! It’s an amazing thing that happens between us that for some reason has been branded taboo. But we need to talk about it. We need to be honest about our preferences, our likes and dislikes, and we need to normalize conversations around sex. Because guess what?! Pretty much everyone is doing it, and if they aren’t doing it, they want to do it. So let’s get it out there and start a judgement-free dialogue!

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"Beth has written an insightful, honest an easy to read book. The reader will enjoy her straight talk about intimate subjects that many people shy away from or avoid. Facing these subjects in a healthy fun way, she allows the reader to feel comfortable and normal about love and sex, while gaining insight and knowledge. Thus, the reader will gain self-confidence and will be able to enjoy more intimate, fun and romantic times with their partner. Beth’s goal is to help couples improve their relationships by their having healthy, fun, romantic and intimate experiences that should last a lifetime. Beth has shown herself to be a capable writer that has demonstrated both knowledge and wisdom, about a subject that has puzzled people forever. I heartily recommend this book."

-L. Weidenfeld

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