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How to Use Aneros Prostate Massager to Increase Your Orgasm! (Video Class)

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This video training is for every man who wants to have a more intense, Super O! You'll learn how to enjoy prostate pleasure alone or with a partner, how to use Aneros prostate massagers and why Aneros prostate massagers are uniquely suited to provide maximum male pleasure. They are DIY prostate massage because you don't need anyone else to ensure your satisfaction and orgasm.  Plug and Play never felt so good! Aneros Prostate massagers can increase your orgasm by up to 10X!

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Online Videos and PDFs

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Works On All Internet Connected Devices. No App Necessary

“For anyone who has ever had an orgasm while having their prostate stimulated, they know that it’s a unique orgasm in that it can be felt from head to toe, sending (good) shivers up and down your spine."

-Dr. Evan Goldstein, founder and CEO of Bespoke Surgical and co-founder of Future Method

Men's Health 12/23/2021

It's Good For You Too!

Regular prostate massage has been shown to help with a range of male health issues including: prostatitis (enlarged prostate), urinary issues, and even ED (erectile dysfunction).