Vacation Sex Can Reignite Passion

Vacation Sex Can Reignite Passion

Boat rockin’, rockin’ & rollin’, bed rockin’ 

When’s the last time that your significant other and you took a vacation and came home feeling more romantically connected than you did before you went? When was the last time you enjoyed vacation that gave you the space to reignite your passion for each other? Do you wonder if that’s even possible for you anymore? 

What would you think if I told you that it is possible to break the cycle of sexless partnership or boring and dull intimacy? Wouldn’t you like to learn how to reignite the flame and experience passion together? 

Because the fact is, new results will emerge if different actions are taken. It’s that simple. But, it’s also true that change is uncomfortable and scary. So, the question is, are you willing to take a chance in order to make things better? 

If you are, here’s how you can get started: 

1. Awareness 

• Is your intimate life meeting your truest needs and desires? Be honest with yourself, really stop what you’re doing. Think about it. When is the last time you had sex with your partner? Was it new and exciting? Or was it boring married sex? 

• Most people are living a life with a demanding schedule: work, kids, community involvement, personal health and wellness, etc. We all have responsibilities and the truth is when we have our day to day routine it can be daunting and feel like an impossible reality to change that routine. 

• What can rekindle that passion with your partner, the touch and the intimacy between your beloved and you? Try to remember what used to get you both excited. 

2. Forgive Yourself. Forgive Your Partner. Accept Where You are Now. 

• You’re not alone here. Neither you, nor your partner have done anything wrong. Life takes over. It can be a challenge to get out of the cycle you’ve been in. 

• Look in the mirror (if that’s comfortable for you) and say this 10 times: “I forgive myself and my partner. I accept where I am and move forward. I ignite and renew the passion for my partner.” 

3. Love. Love is an action. Take different Action. 

• Being in a new location or space can create the permission for different actions. You have the permission to talk about your desires. Share a fantasy, something new or spicy to give things a flare. 

I’ve always wanted to have an intimate experience on a balcony. 

• Physical intimacy on vacation can get you out of the monotonous deed of sex and into the spice of vacay. C’mon you horny rabbit, let it all out. 

• Shared experiences can create a closer bond with your partner to feel more attracted and desiring of them. 

• Just do it already, go have sex on vacation and when you return back to the day to day of life, you’ll be left with fun and spicy memories. And who knows, maybe that will spark the fire for a sexy night at home. 

Of course, you aren’t the only couple who struggles with keeping passion alive. Even recently, I had to remind myself of these things on a camping trip with my partner. As our day slowed down, we both stretched out in our tent. As my partner began initiating intimacy I heard all these excuses in my head, “you’re tired, you don’t have time for this, it’s not the right time, what if someone hears y’all.” I realized that these excuses would get me more sleep, but what actually helps better my life more is passionate, intimate connection with my love. So, I observed these thoughts in myself, acknowledged and accepted them, got honest with myself and acted with love instead of avoidance. As our actions took over, and we undressed each other, the memories of prior passion in the wilderness filled the tent, our bodies and our hearts. The sun rose that next morning and we left that campsite with a little extra treasure. 

Being sexy with each other was meant to be fun, wherever you are. Sometimes we forget that when sex stops being something that we have to “hunt” for. But, when the action starts before the bedroom, it becomes something to look forward to again. I personally love to whisper sweet and sexy things into my partner’s ear. Whether it’s at a concert, at dinner, or walking down the street, letting him know that I want him, or I can’t wait to take off all his clothes makes things fun and gives us something to look forward to when we return. 

Keeping passionate intimacy alive takes effort just like everything else that’s important in life. Similarly, having people around you who understand, support and encourage your efforts can enhance this exploration. 

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